About Us

Avenues is an alternative folk music project, formed in late 2012 by two minds with different musical searches and practices before who decided to understand and narrate the life with their stories and timbres…

Avenues formed in Suadiye district of Istanbul, where there aren’t any regular roots music scene nor a country/folk music culture at all. As a reflection of the need to reach the aesthetic musical touches with the most natural sounds, they started to work with the notes, memories and lyrics. They don’t care or think inside the mainstream music dominance who shows and impose itself under the mask of colorness and alternative notions. They just play what they feel and what they want. It’s mostly acoustic, down-tempo and sad music, indeed. Their musical language is English, which can be considered as a loyalty mark to the roots of the genres that they produce and their historical/linguistic context.

You always say things are so easy to handle, “Just don’t think about and live them” is said and done before…Your Secret Way (2013)

According to them, music is just one of the ways of expressing feelings and thoughts. And production is the main direction of this whole expression process. While their little gray cells often work synchronously, they are nourished by different streams and daily practices. Most of the time they try to create meanings via symbolizing the riches of their differences like the streets connected to the big old boulevards. So, the word avenues clearly symbolizes that formation… Through their musical journey, they continue to work with their musician friends in a short time after they founded, whose paths intersect with them, mostly.

I know that rage is in your soul, you’re taking life like days’ll end tomorrow…I Do Worry (2013)

The concept of learning and development always will be the most fundamental dynamics for Avenues. Thinking and living with music through their favorite genres, their paradigm which develops their musical perspective is simply clear and deductive… “Life does not contain only one direction to ride and motionless is the greatest evil that blinds souls”

Would you like to stand by them in their musical production journey, discover the adventures that they have made with small steps and listen to their own stories?

We invite all the Americana, Grunge, Folk and Alternative-Country music lovers to follow the production process of Avenues…

Thank you and see you somewhere…