Autumun Rehearsal


Once again autumn came with the unexpected difficulties. Maybe more than ever before this time. Our musical production continues in the musical lane under the shadows of the negativities, coming like the big waves… Exactly show its intense… We will be working in Kadıköy – Jupiter on 19.11.2016, where we recorded some of our early songs like “I Do Worry” and “Old Man’s Folly” some years ago.

We’ve been into the cover of Cat Stevens “Hard Headed Woman” song for the past few weeks. It’s an interesting song. Elvis Aaron Presley has a song with the same name. There is also a song called “Hard Headed Woman” from the blues artist Skip James. Our rehearse era gonna include it. Let’s see how will it works…

By the way, we can say quite “demanding” for the words of the song. A hard-headed woman who is positioned as a magical touch that will change many things radically. Of course, with its environmental context and decisive effects …

Fragments of the Late Summer

Another agenda of our Saturday work will be “Fragments of the Late Summer” A brand new track. The endless “hospital days” set the theme. Illnesses exist in individual life and infiltrate the one like a vortex, and create lots of uncertainties. The dark hours is a glimpse of the energetic days in the long summer days or vice versa … Lyrics are at the end of the page in Lyrics section of our web site.

The song based on the B minor. An acoustical piece that goes through stubborn-tense cut riffs. Repetitive strokes of the Minor Chorus section is also a reflection of the content that appears to be repetitive and unchanging at the same time. The wretched soul is trying to make itself decisive with the challenges based on the past times ..

Street of Daysleepers

Another brand new song which we will work for is “Street of Daysleepers”. 4:34. One of our longest stories in recent times. The story is supported with minor harmonica parts also. With the introduction of minor 7’s, the rhythm section that is going in a certain way is going to be consciously controlled. Song has some Byrds and Neil Young kind of interaction. The second guitar parts are waiting to be written in the rehearsal process.

It is based on the invalidity of the fragmented predictions. Song is about the people and their choices. It’s actually about their own practices. Practices they want to experience at any cost which leads them to become subjects of their own life.

We are looking forward to receiving clean records of our new works, making some new studio videos and quite curious for the remaining months and its effects…