Demo Sessions-1 Out Now!

Now we are very happy cause our first demo album is finally released!! This was a little but an important step for us. A kind of promise to be kept and done… As we mentioned before, “Forgotten Notebooks” is the first part of our demo trilogy series. That means, we are going to release two more demo albums near soon and another hard work awaits… But before that, let’s look at the story of “Forgotten Notebooks”


Album includes 10 acoustic tracks and all of them recorded at Studio Altıyol-İstanbul between April-July 2017 period. Decision for releasing an acoustical demo album came with the changing situations. We first started as a band in our early rehearsal sessions. Shortly after first rehearsals and unexpected drummer problem, we decided to change our studio and record all tracks just with acoustic guitars and harmonica like we used to play before. You will easily realise unpluggedish taste when you listen album from beginning to end. Some tracks like “Bold Minded Blues” or “Useless Books” all written with/for electrical stuff, and we played them electrical in our early rehearsal period. So, even for us, it’s quite strange to listen them unplugged now. After all, with some technical ups and downs, we think the final result is pretty acceptable.

“Forgotten Notebooks” demo songs are written in different periods and different places. For example songs like “Wakes You There” and “Connected Ways” first written in late 2014. There were some different versions of the track “Connected Ways” before. We decided to record it live and low-tempo in our final recording session and add it to the demo album. “Integrity” is a bit older. It’s from summer 2012 period and waited in the chest… Through the rapidly changing conditions, we did some major changes in our demo plan. For example, we had to remove one electrical country-rock song named “Turning Back” from our track list and changed it with currently written stuff, “Flies: No More”. Faith of the missing track? Who knows, maybe someday…

Technical Info

Total time for “Forgotten Notebooks” is 31:41 minutes. Technically, tracks are recorded with 1411 Kbps – 16 bit rate and WAV. We have also FLAC and MP3 formats of our demo album.

Our studio guy mixed them and tried to protect the natural studio sound as much as possible. We used Seagull Entourage CW GT QI, Epiphone JL Vintage steel guitars, D’Addario strings and Hohner G Blues Harmonica in the recording process. Also Shure SM58–SM57 and Mxl V69 Condensers for the mics… If you want to know what our stories are all about, you can check our Lyrics section.


At last but not least, we want to thank to our families and close friends who always support us in our modest musical production journey and story writing process. We are not professional musicians or music is not our main job to live. Like we mentioned before, music is just one of the means of expression ways of emotions and thoughts and production is the main direction of this whole expression process for us. Melodic practice of thoughts and feelings, the thoughts and feelings of melodic practice…

If you like unplugged music or genres like singer-songwriter folk, alt-country even hill-country blues, probably you’ll find some familiar tunes in our demo album. Our recommendation is to listen it in a quiet environment or on your night journey.

Of course you can check our Contact page and get your copy now. We also have a Bandcamp page where you can download our tracks. You can kindly write us or follow us via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

See you soon…