Forgotton Notebooks Era

We will soon restart our studio works again. We have clarified our agenda about what we really want to do for the future… In this direction we decided to collect our own stories into 3 different categories and record them with the form of demo albums. Each demo will consist 10 pieces of our stories…

Nowadays we are trying to take care for our instruments before our busy agenda. For the upcoming period, we can say that new tunes gonna wait for a while. The Forgotten Notebooks will be our first demo title. Sounds more blues, more folk and more rock. Our weekly studio-work schedule will be divide into 2 cuts. Wednesday nights for the band rehearsal, Sunday mornings for the recording. Probably some home-acoustic rehearsals will be needed. We will try to record 2-3 songs in each session.

Forgotton Notebooks will be followed by our early songs, country/folk tunes based demo album, Another Time.

If everything goes allright, the final episode of the trilogy will be released with the name of “Secret Ways”

Hope everything goes well for us.

Stay tune friends…