Most Important Thing


Without a doubt, studio is one of the most important moments of the musical production process. The comfortable working environment and equipments are indispensable in the selection of the studio for us. They should be able to respond to the expectations of the musicians.

Because we basically play acoustical music, we don’t need stuffs like high-end amps, drum systems, etc. Quality microphones for the recording section and preferably, the presence of the quality acoustic guitar amps are just ok for us. It is not easy to find quality microphone equipments in most of Kadıköy studios.

In this section we will try to share our studio experiences with you.

Blue Note

We live in the Kadıköy region. Blue Note is an alternative music studio that we had been there for our voice training processes before and often go to rehearsal. At the same time it’s a training center. There are two studios on the lower floor, one is large. Especially in 2013, we preferred Blue Note for our rehearsals.