Studio Jupiter Era


Saturday – 01.02.2014 was a quite enjoyable day for us. First, we visited the house of Barış Manço in Moda then we watched “The Broken Circle Breakdown” film. They were both pretty cool. The next move was upto the studio for our rehearsal. We went to Studio Jupiter on our way, because our usual studio Blue Note’s schedule wasn’t ok.

In Jupiter, where we had been for the first time, we were able to find a place without a reservation. That was a good luck for us. Jupiter is a well organized home-studio located on the ground floor. When you enter, on the right side of the corridor you can find a small lounge with a PlayStation, a kitchen and a recording room. The most important advantage of the studio section is, large sitting room area. As a disadvantage, we can specify the number of missing note staples. We used only two microphones because we did not plug-in for the audio. Natural acoustic sounds are always better for us. Quality of the microphones were not bad. On the contrary, strong and sufficient sound could be received.

We started with our new track “I Do Worry”, which belongs to Emir. We play the track together for the first time and after 3rd try, it was ok for us. After that, we again worked on our early tracks, started with 1950’s Bakersfield sound influenced “Battle Ways”. “When The Sunset Smiles”, “Old Man’s Folly” and “Torn Out Days” were our other tracks for our work that night. Then we continued with our cover-classics like “Oh Me”, “74/75” and “Further on up the Road”. We made sad covers with “Harder Now That’s Over”. We had fun with the new joke-version of “Your Turn” towards the final minutes. So we ended up another studio day with lots of fun. 2 hours passed too fast.